Fixture Replacements & Upgrades


Looking to upgrade that bathroom or kitchen?

If your old bathroom has seen better days and needs some upgrades, Boone Creek Plumbing  can help. Bathrooms and kitchens are hubs of activity, and you want everything to look beautiful and work properly. From faucets to toilets to water heaters and filtration systems, whatever the project, our bathroom repair solutions cover all the bases. We promise to arrive on time, deliver quality work, and guarantee your satisfaction.

• Bathtub & Shower installs and upgrades
• Faucet upgrades and Installs
• Water Heater Installations
• Gas Piping
• Radiant Heating
• Tankless Water Heaters
• Water Purifiers & Filtration Systems
• Garbage Disposals
• Washers, Dryers and Dishwasher Installs

  • Big or small, let us help you plan your project.

    Boone Creek Plumbing is with you along the way.   Find out how we can help!

What our clients say:

"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."


"I cannot thank Boone Creek Plumbing enough. I had a problem over the weekend with a leaky water heater. They replaced it quickly and cleaned up behind them. Thank you!"

Sue Green

"Professionalism and experience. This is what you want in a plumber for new construction and Boone Creek delivers. We will be using them again in the near future."


Red Bell Homes

"We had a leak under our home and could not get any resolution to it until we called Boone Creek. Within 24 hours the problem was repaired. I cannot thank them enough."


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  • We are Nashville's only WaterCop Certified Installers!

    The WaterCop system utilizes an automatic shut-off valve installed on the water supply line of a home or commercial building. When sensors detect a leak, a signal is sent to the shut-off valve and water flow is quickly stopped to downstream areas reducing the chance of major flooding.